5 tips for a more Sustainable Christmas by Sophie Kovic

I just love Christmas. For me, it’s all about spending time with friends and family. A time for giving and an opportunity to make the world a brighter place. Every year though, I get to thinking about how much waste Christmas can bring and how I can make it more just that little bit more sustainable. Here’s a list of my top five tips for making the holiday season a little easier on Mother Earth (without sacrificing any of the fun of course 😜🎉).

1. Composting: Give Back to the Earth
Despite my very best efforts every year to only cater for what we need, there’s inevitably some waste. I’m hyper focused on making sure that any waste is put to good use in my garden. Composting food scraps is one of the simplest ways to reduce landfill waste and my veggies love it! There are a bunch of councils across the country with green waste initiatives so if you don’t have your own composting system, ask your local council about how you can get started. Mother Earth will be chuffed!

Composting Garden

2. Mindful Wrapping: Ditch Traditional Papers
Every year, tons of wrapping paper goes in the bin (and quite often can’t be recycled). So instead of using normal Chrissy wrapping paper, get creative with eco-friendly alternatives. Consider using recycled paper, fabric, old newspapers, or even reusable cloth gift wraps. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also adds a unique and personalised touch to your gifts.

Mindful Christmas Wrapping

3. Sustainable Christmas Crackers: Go Plastic Free
I do love a Christmas Cracker and going plastic free doesn’t mean fun free! You can either buy a plastic free alternative or even better, make your own using recyclable materials. Get crafty with your own recycled paper and fill them with sustainable gifts like seeds, small plants, or homemade treats. This way, you can still have a crack without doing any planetary harm.

Eco Christmas Table Settings

4. Eco-Conscious Gift Giving: Gift Cards and Experiences
Grabbing a gift card from eco-friendly brands like ours is doubly good. Your loved one can choose something they actually need (and want) from our range of plastic free alternatives. Less waste and more sustainable choices. Yay. You can also choose to give someone an experience over a physical gift. Some cute ideas I’ve done in the past are home-made vouchers for gourmet picnics, home spa days, cooking classes, or outdoor adventures like cycling, bushwalking or kayaking.

Seed & Sprout Gift Card

5. Go Green When You Clean
Christmas is fab but there sure is a heck of a lot of cleaning to do! From dishes to laundry, the mess always piles up (or is that just at my place 🤔?). Minimising the impact of keeping your place spotless this festive season doesn’t have to come at a cost to the planet. Why not grab one of our most popular cleaning bundles and make it non-toxic and plastic free.

Green Cleaning Christmas

Got some tips of your own to share? Send us a message on Insta and we’ll add to this article! Every little bit we all do, counts. Wishing you and yours a truly magical festive season full of love, light and laughter.

Sophie x