Answering your FAQ's on our Shampoo Bars!

Switching to Bars is super straightforward, but we do understand that you may have some questions and reservations prior to committing! If this is you, read on and if we haven't covered it, please get in touch! 

Vegan Natural Aussie Made Bar Range

Where do I store my Bars? 

To maximise the longevity of your Shampoo & Conditioner Bars allow them to dry after use by placing them on your shower shelf, shower caddy or inside one of our Travel Tins. It's best to keep them out of direct sunlight and in a spot airy spot.

You may want to leave the lid off the Travel Tin for an hour after use to allow the Bars to fully dry out. 

I’ve used Shampoo Bars before and didn’t like them - what makes yours different?  

We get it, you tried a bar previously that left your hair feeling greasy, tangled and unwashed? Yep we’ve been there too!

Let us explain why our Bars are different! Firstly they don’t contain soap or any other ingredients that might strip your hair of its natural oils. Our Bars also lather up just like a liquid shampoo and rinse out with just water (no vinegar mix needed here!).

Instead of drying out your hair, our natural Aussie Made Shampoo Bars actually work to hydrate AND moisturise thanks to some of our miracle ingredients like Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Betaine which is extracted from Sugar beets! 

Oh and did we mention? They're award winning too!!


Can the Shampoo Bars be used on coloured hair? This is my main concern about switching to Shampoo Bars! 

Yes! We have many customers who use our bars on coloured hair. Our Shampoo Bars are gentle and do not contain any ingredients that are known to strip the hair. 


I usually use a specific dandruff shampoo - which bar do you recommend for dry scalps?

We recommend the Shampoo Bar, Hydration Station. The Rose Geranium Essential Oil acts to control unwanted bacterial and fungal growth which helps to support a healthy scalp.  


What is your best seller?

Our top seller is our Hair Care Duo which contains a Shampoo and Conditioner of your choice along with a 35% saving on the cost! 


How do I know which Shampoo Bar will suit my hair type?

We focussed on creating Shampoo Bars that compliment all hair types so that our Bars can be used on yourself, your partner and even the kids.

More than anything it will depend on the scents you prefer. Our Hydration Station Bar has subtle hints of rose geranium and can be beneficial for dryer hair types while our Mane Mojito contains citrusy scents of sweet orange and lime oil and can be beneficial for smoothing curly hair. Our Pink Grapefruit is an all-rounder but we've heard amazing feedback from those of you with oily hair. 


Choose the right duo for you:

Pink Grapefruit - Balancing Act: Our delicate Pink Grapefruit Duo is an ultra clarifying powerhouse and ideal for removing excess oil, pollution and dirt build up from root to tip while achieving immediate hydration and softness. Pink Grapefruit Oil not only contains antimicrobial properties, it also adds a fresh citrusy aroma leaving you feeling revitalised, and your hair smelling like a tropical wonderland. Yes please!

Rose Geranium - Hydration Station: Hair and scalp feeling a little dry? The Rose Geranium Duo packs a punch in the hydration department while also promoting cell growth which may help increase hair density. The Red Clay traps, absorbs and removes dirt and oil while the Rose Geranium Oil helps to reduce inflammation and the presence of dandruff. This Bar has a soothing and calming scent which matches its health benefits.

Citrus & Mint - Mane Mojito: Tame your frizz and calm your mind with the fragrant and revitalising aromas of Orange, Lime and Peppermint - the perfect combination of relaxing and energising. All of our Bars are Curly Girl approved but this Duo is a favourite among the wavy, kinky and coily-haired community. This gentle and invigorating scent contains anti-inflammatory and anti-frizz ingredients to help soothe and calm your locks while removing build up on the scalp and hair follicles. The antimicrobial properties of the ingredients ensures a squeaky clean mane that’s ready to wow.

Don't just listen to us! Here's what our customers have been saying; 



Citrus & Mint Shampoo Bar 

''I love this bar so much the smell is incredible, and I have found that my hair is less oily for longer between washes. The bar lasts for a long time and is easy to use''

Bethany F.



Rose Geranium Shampoo Bar

''Love this shampoo bar! I've tried a couple of different brands and this is by far the best! It leaves my hair looking so shiny and feeling so soft. And it smells amazing! Absolute win!''



Pink Grapefruit Shampoo Bar

''Other brands of shampoo and conditioner bars almost turned me off bars but thankfully yours are so amazing that I have a renewed love of shampoo and conditioner bars! Others left my hair feeling heavy, waxy and not clean. Both your shampoo and conditioner bars are so effective. The shampoo makes my hair feel clean and soft. The conditioner actually feels like bottled conditioner and has my hair feeling moisturised and soft during use and after. I’ll only buy these from you now. They are all I need! Please never stop making them. They are far superior than any others I’ve tried! Thank you!''


Let's Raise the Bar together! Have you tried our new Bar range yet? Get in touch via social @seedandsproutco or email us at and let us know what you think!