Building a Sustainable Morning Routine with Sophie Kovic

Between packings kids lunches, getting yourself & the family (or the doggo) ready, the morning isn’t the easiest time to stop & think about your environmental impact. Making your morning routine greener, however, is probably easier than you think. Just a few small, manageable changes make a big difference.


1. Remember your reusables 

Many of us start the day with a hot beverage or smoothie.  What you choose to drink these in can make a huge difference.  If you hit a cafe on your way to work make sure bring along your own reusable cups like our Smoothie Cup or Insulated Food Flask (or just a ceramic mug from home) to avoid any plastic cups or straws.

If you do make your morning brew at home make sure you compost your coffee grinds or tea leaves.  Coffee grinds add nutrients to your garden just the way they are so you can simply brew at home, feed the plants & go!

Seed & Sprout Reusable Smoothie Cup with Straw

2. Shorten Your Shower

One of the easiest ways to green your morning routine is by cutting down your water usage.  All you have to do is take a shorter shower, but sometimes that’s a little easier said than done.

To help stay on track, bring your phone into the bathroom & set an alarm to go off when it’s time to get out.  Many local councils also have Water Saver timers you can collect for free.


3. Prep Your Breakfast (or lunches) the Night Before 

To avoid buying plastic wrapped brekkies or lunches on; get organised & prep your meals the night before.  We've plenty of great inspiration our blog from Air Fryer recipes to LunchBox recipes.   Bircher muesli or chia puddings (our Glass Dip Bowls are the perfect size!!) are great options as they need time to set in the fridge or you can prep all of your smoothie ingredients so all you have to do in the morning is blitz, pour into your Smoothie Cup and go! 

Seed & Sprout Reusable Glass Dip Bowls 2pk - Oat Milk


4. Set some time for yourself

Whether it's a walk out in nature, meditating or journaling, taking time to yourself (even if it is only 5 minutes) is a great way to set you up for the day ahead.  Some nice deep breaths can get your body & mind set for a winning day.  

It also allows you to ground yourself & remember why sustainability is important to you. It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind & forget to slow down and remember what's important to us & why. 


5. Opt for Sustainable Beauty
The morning is likely when you spend the most time using beauty care products. From shampoo & body wash to your toothbrush & cleanser nearly everything you use in your morning routine can get a green makeover by switching to plastic-free products.  Sustainable swaps in the bathroom can be easy; our Bar range is 100% plastic free, locally made & removes 3.5 plastic bottles.  

Take a few minutes to sort out your bathroom cabinet, read some labels, and see which products might not be so sustainable! 

Start with one or two items to swap out, and see how you feel about the switch, and then keep adding to your list of swaps as you can.  Simple swaps include Bamboo Toothbrushes or Natural Body Wash in Rose Geranium.

The Ultimate Toiletries Set