CrunchBox: The Story Behind Seed & Sprout by Sophie Kovic

I guess you're wondering why I started this business?  

Like so many small businesses it started with a simple problem, for which there was NOT a simple solution.  I grew up in Bryon Bay & my son, Archie, started school where there was a no plastics policy.  I was pumped, this aligned with my values & I so excited to be part of a community that wanted to look after the planet.

Sophie Kovic Seed & Sprout Founder

But I could not, repeat COULD NOT, find a solution that was environmental friendly & still practical.   Now I'm not saying Archie is fussy, but f*%#^@! hell if I thought Archie's carrot sticks could rub against some pasta I had another think coming.  Anyone relate??

I tried a lot of solutions. And I mean A LOT.  But with every product I bought, there was always a problem.  I couldn't find one single non-plastic lunch container that suited us, no matter how much I spent. 

List of issues was loooooonnng:

  • had too many pieces to keep track of,
  • were awkward shapes,
  • contained toxic materials,
  • were too big for him to carry,
  • they did not fit a sandwich. (um. what?)

So my brain started ticking... I just couldn't let it go.  If I had this problem, so did every parent.  I turned by frustration into creativity & I decided to create a new kind of lunch box, to solve a real problem.  I wanted to help educate people about the decision we make everyday & the impacts they have on our health, our families & the environment.   

The process was exhausting & exhilarating in equal measures - it took 18 months to develop the CrunchBox (it's original big brother was "The Stacker").   Our first KickStarter campaign raised 696% of it's funding goal, & was fully backed in under 48 hours!   

Sophie Kovic KickStarter The Stacker July 2017

I was operating out of my garage (no jokes!) & I was fueled by the support from the Byron community.  The thing that clicked it all into place for me was the meaning behind it.

I had experience in building businesses based on market research. But this time I knew that I was on the brink of doing something really important.  I put myself out there & people just wanted to learn more about going plastic free.  It was incredible.  

"Home Office" Behind The Scenes at Aussie Start Up Seed & Sprout

Knowing that I'm contributing something positive to the world is what keeps me excited about the business everyday.   Because building a business is not easy. It's tiring, & it can be lonely.  And it's damn scary at times too. 

But when I read the reviews, saw someone using our CrunchBox (#proudmoment) or someone sent me a message to tell me that somehow, my little product have inspired them, or made them a better mummy, it makes every.single.moment worth it. 

Prototype concept drawings - Seed & Sprout CrunchBox

My vision for Seed & Sprout was to create a useful company that makes tools for the everyday person. Tools that help you make healthy choices, easily. Reducing reliance on single-use plastics is the goal. 

Sometimes the commitment to a sustainable future may seem daunting. There is so much to do and we can feel so small and ineffective. 

A big highlight was when we were featured on SBS Small Business Secrets  - it was daunting appearing on camera but also an incredible acknowledgement of the power of small business to make big changes.

But being too focused on the ideal can be the enemy of making progress in the now.  That's why I wanted to create practical products that bridge the gap between the ideal and action. Products made for the everyday person

7 years on & our CrunchBox is still one of our top selling products.  It just keeps getting better and better.  I would love, love, love to find the oldest most loved CrunchBox out there.   DM us on Instagram - we would love to hear from you xoxo