Sophie Kovic, Seed and Sprout Founder, Talks to Eco-Impacters Orangutan Alliance Podcast

In June 2022, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for a podcast called Eco Impacters podcast by Orangutan Alliance.   Hosted by Blane Edwards and Amy Tobin its a podcast that talks with eco innovators, thought leaders and change makers who are doing their part to make a positive impact on our planet.  

We've been working with Orangutan Alliance for many years; our entire Bar range are certified 100% Palm Oil Free.  Reducing palm oil use is direct investment in the future of our planet and supports endangered species like the Orangutans who are affected by deforestation as a result of non-sustainable palm oil production.

Seed and Sprout Founder Sophie Kovic on Orangutan Alliance International Palm Oil Free Certification Program


As a crop palm oil is cheap to buy, but the unsustainable demand for it is causing an issue for the planet, for people and endangered species.  More and more consumers are wanting to know what’s in their products and how it's sourced. And that's why we've been working with Orangutan Alliance for so long and certifying our products to give you peace of mind. 

We talked about the power of problem solving to address the environmental issues. Everyone's journey is so different and involves a great deal of education and patience.  Greenwashing is unfortunately a thing and certification processes like the programs Orangutan Alliance offer.  Being a sustainable business is sometimes hard but it's something myself and the team are incredibly proud of. 


Mapping out and certifying all aspects of the supply chain is so important.  Our entire Bar range is award winning, Australian made, vegan friendly and, of course, 100% certified Palm Oil Free.  They say you shouldn't have favourites but mine is the Rose Geranium Shampoo Bar is mine. 

Sophie Kovic Seed and Sprout Founder Favourite Shampoo Bar


I'm always up for sharing my sustainability journey so I hope you enjoy it! Here's the link to the podcast