Four Things To Look Out For In Sunscreen

If you’re like us, sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. But did you know that a number of sunscreens are made with chemicals that are damaging for you and the environment? 

We believe sunscreen should be two things: good for you and good for the planet. So exactly what should you be looking for when buying it? We’ve rounded it up four key things to keep an eye out for below.


Tinted Zinc Sunscreen SPF50

1. Ingredients

Your skin is your biggest organ, so be mindful of what you rub into it and pay attention to the ingredients list. Look out for natural ones like coconut oil, avocado oil and Kakadu plum. The less ingredients and the more natural the better, especially if you have sensitive skin.  

You'll usually find chemicals are included in sunscreens - they are there to protect your skin, and of course this is what you need a sunscreen to do, however some of these are damaging marine life and coral reefs. But not to worry! There are alternatives that can be used like Zinc Oxide - this is a mineral that sits on top of the skin, scattering, reflecting and absorbing UVA & UVB rays. Unlike chemicals that penetrate the skin, Zinc Oxide sits on top of it instead and creates a barrier. This helps reduce the likelihood of getting a reaction or your skin becoming irritated.  

2. Reef Safe

Ingredients lead us to our next thing to look out for: reef safe. A sunscreen that is ‘reef safe’ means that the ingredients included are not toxic to a reef’s ecosystem. That’s why we chose to include Zinc Oxide in ours.



3. Protection 

The higher the protection the better! Look for 50+ SPF (or more) where possible. Protection from both ultraviolet rays (UVA & UVB) is also important. UVB rays are responsible for causing skin damage and UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and can cause premature aging and wrinkle formation. You can see why protection from both is needed, but always remember, the best protection from the sun is shade, clothing and a hat. Also always make sure that any sunscreen you buy has an AUSTL number as this means it's been certified & approved by the TGA (ours is AUSTL 407959 in case you're curious!).


Tinted Zinc Sunscreen SPF50


4. Easy to apply 

Sunscreen is a necessity, so it’s got to be easy to use! When developing our formula, we wanted it to blend naturally without being greasy and to ensure it was hydrating and nourishing for the skin. We’re pretty proud of the outcome and believe we’ve truly landed on a winning formula that balances skin and planet protection! Our newest formula includes added Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid - win!

Tinted Zinc Sunscreen SPF50