grit x Seed & Sprout: A Sustainable Ceramic Collaboration

We have been big fans of grit pieces for some time and we have been discussing a locally made range which would feature the crafts-woman ship and tell the story behind the handmade goods. Discussing the options with Leia Sherblom, Potter and Female Entrepreneur of grit ceramics she suggested using 100% reclaimed clay from her studio. We love the concept of producing hand crafted items from waste materials! 

About Leia

Leia is everything that grit stands for, having overcome adversity and found healing through clay. We wanted to produce this range with a highly skilled local maker that shared our ideals and amplified their story. 

Leia is a true gritter:

grit/ noun: 1. small loose particles of stone or sand. 2. courage & resilience; strength of character 3. perseverance & passion for long term goals.

We really enjoyed working with her to create this small, curated range for your home. 

The Range: 

We created a collection of tableware and kitchen items which encourage slowing down, nourishment through food and gathering - all themes that we have been exploring over the last 12 months in particular. 

Note: This is a very small collection, we only produced a very small amount of each piece.

This unique collection includes:

  • French Butter Dish: we love the unique way this is used and taking something invented in France in the late 19th century and putting a modern spin on it. Great to keep butter fresh at room temperature
  • Citrus Juicer: great for whipping up a salad dressing with lemons or limes
  • Oil Pourer: a beautiful addition to your table with a cork stopper
  • Colander: a handmade take on a classic kitchen item
  • Salad Bowl: we love this sturdy bowl for a range of uses
  • Salt & Pepper Pots: great for salt/pepper, dukkah or any little garnishes, with a little spoon. 

The pieces combine grit’s beautiful aesthetic with our low waste ideals. Some of the pieces can be refilled from bulk stores to encourage the use of less plastic and consuming more mindfully.  

What Makes this Collaboration Unique: 

The pieces are made locally from what would otherwise be wasted materials, using 100% reclaimed clay. Two female-led businesses coming together with like minded goals and ideals to create special, one of a kind pieces that support people and the planet. 

This project was made possible (and more special) through using waste materials in the form of reclaimed clay. Discussing the options with Leia, she suggested using 100% reclaimed clay from her studio - each unique pot handcrafted from the discarded scraps, trimmings excess from previous commissions. Normally destined for the landfill, we immediately aligned with the concept of producing hand crafted items from waste materials.

The grit collaboration pieces are hand wrapped by our team using shredded cardboard (formerly shipping boxes) and packed in our solar powered warehouse and shipped plastic free. Environmental considerations were at the forefront of the design process. Designing vessels that could be refilled and pieces that encourage customers to grow, wash and share their own fresh foods.