No Waste Air Fryer Roast Potatoes

Everyone loves a roast potato right?  So versatile, budget friendly & now you can keep them for longer with our Limited Edition Vegetable Storage containers.  Here's our easy recipe for the most delicious, crispy Air Fryer potatoes.  You. Are. Welcome. 



2 handfuls of your favourite spuds (we love the small, white waxy types)

Olive oil 

Fresh rosemary sprigs 

Salt & pepper to season



This recipe is designed for cooking in an Air Fryer but can be cooked in a conventional oven on a baking tray - we'd recommend using Un-Baking Paper to reduce the single use waste.


1. Wash your potatoes with our Vegetable Brush to remove any excess dirty using our Vege Bar.

Vegetable Brush & Vege Bar

2. Pat dry with a tea towel & place into our Air Fryer Square Bowl

3. Add potatoes to Air Fryer Square Bowl & drizzle with olive oil - shake to coat the potatoes.

Best Air Fryer Potatoes

4. Season with salt & pepper & add sprigs of fresh rosemary.  

5. Place in Air Fryer for 20 mins on 190 degrees. 

Best Air Fryer Potatoes

6. Checking at 10 minute mark & shaking potatoes to ensure they all cook evenly. 

Best Air Fryer Potatoes

7. Carefully remove from Air Fryer & allow to cool before serving. 


This recipe also works well for meal prep.  Reduce the overall cooking time to 15 mins, allow to cool & then freeze in an Eco Stow.  Thaw the potatoes by reheating in the Air Fryer for up to 10 mins - an easy mid week meal!! 

Best Air Fryer Potatoes