Our Guide to Making Infused Tea

We decided to swap to loose leaf tea a while ago, and of course we needed the perfect vessel to do so! Our Insulated Glass Tea Flask is perfect for brewing delicious blends and enjoying them at home or on the go. If you haven’t brewed your own loose leaf tea before, we’re here to show you how simple and beautiful it can be. 

Compared to tea bags, generally loose leaf tea is better value for money, gives you a superior flavour, better quality and is better for you and the environment. Did you know that most tea bags are now made using a plastic film? This means microplastics end up in your tea as well as landfill for years to come! 

You might have been hesitant to brew your own loose leaf tea in the past if you haven’t had the right infuser. No-one wants a mouth full of tea leaves with each sip! That’s why our Insulated Glass Tea Flask comes with a large infuser with a fine mesh design. This gives your tea leaves enough room to expand and release, while holding the leaves firmly inside the infuser, and not in your tea. 

How to brew your own - Steeping times and temperatures: 

Brewing the best tea relies on the right mix of time, temperature and ratio of tea leaves to water. It also depends on your own personal preferences so the correct balance differs from person to person and each blend. Tricky we know!

We have some easy and simple tips to follow below to get you started: 

  • Boil the kettle first, most tea blends actually work best around 80℃ (you can check the directions on the tea packaging to be sure).
  • Unscrew the lid on your Insulated Glass Tea Flask and remove the infuser. 
  • Ideally you need 1 - 1 ½ teaspoons for every 230ml of water so we suggest adding 2-3 teaspoons of most loose leaf blends to our infuser (which is 450ml capacity) or one scoop of our Pantry Spoon Clip.
  • Screw the top of the infuser back on (this helps to keep all the flavours of your tea inside the flask), and place the infuser back in the Tea Flask - you should hear a click once it’s in place.
  • Pour your hot water into the Tea Flask until the infuser is submerged this allows the leaves to expand and brew properly. 
  • The glass design of our Tea Flasks allows you to see your tea as it brews so you can choose the perfect time to remove the infuser. Usually around 3-5 minutes is enough time but if you prefer a deeper flavour you can leave it in while you sip!
  • Remember that loose leaf tea can be used 2-3 times so you can remove the infuser and put it aside until you’re ready for your next brew (just make sure you use it within a few hours). 
  • Simply compost your tea leaves once you’re done!

We love creating multi-use products so you’ll often see us taking the infuser out and using the Tea Flask in many other ways. Some of our favourites uses for winter include; 


  • Filling it with coffee for those cold mornings 
  • Using it to take a breakfast smoothie to work 
  • Adding lemon, ginger, honey and water for when we’re feeling run down
  • Adding ice cubes and lemon for a fresh revitalising kick after yoga
  • Adding mulled wine and taking it on a weekend picnic 

How do you use yours? Tag us with your tea flask using @seedandsproutco