Our Resolutions for the New Year

We’re welcoming 2021 with open arms, optimism and hope that this year will be better than the last!

There’s something about the new year that inspires change. It encourages us to reflect on our habits, values and ways of living so we can make meaningful plans for the future - both our own and for generations to come. 

Setting resolutions is a great way to become clear on where you want to invest your energy but remember they don’t always need to be big changes that require lots of your time. Sometimes the smallest resolutions can have the biggest impact.


Here’s what our team is committing to this year: 

  • "Buy more package free food from the farmers market & bulk food shops." - Lisa
  • "Create a kitchen recycling system so I can easily sort landfill, recycling, compost and soft plastics." Sophie
  • "Remember my reusable containers for takeaway and pack my lunch for work more often!" - Ana
  • "Make more plastic-free swaps while cooking and baking." - Alena
  • "Continue to chip away on educating my family on how to reduce waste and to limit their reliance on plastic in their daily lives. My teenage boys are the worst and often assume that the more sustainable option will impact convenience, which isn’t the case when done right!" - Sally


  • "Planning ahead and being more organised so I don't get caught out without a keep cup, drink bottle or buying snacks for the kids on the run." - Laura 
  • "Commit to buying in bulk at package free stores once a month." - Sarah