Our Top 5 Products for Plastic Free July!

Looking for some tips to get ready for Plastic Free July? Well, you’ve come to the right place...

Everyone is on their own path to plastic free-dom - whether you’ve just bought your first reusable water bottle (high five!) or you’re buying all of your weekly groceries at a bulk store (yeww!), it’s ultimately about progress and not perfection. The beauty of Plastic-free July is that we can all make changes no matter where we are on our journey. 

If you’re new to Plastic Free July, it’s all about raising awareness around single-use plastics and sharing tips & tricks on how we can reduce our reliance on them. The aim isn’t to go an entire month without ANY plastic (we’re all human and for most of us that’s impossible!) but instead, to create your own plastic-free challenge. Could you give up disposable coffee cups for the month, or commit to using your reusable shopping bags every day in July? It’s ultimately all about creating sustainable habits that you can maintain in your daily life.

No matter what challenge you set for yourself, being prepared is key. A good starting place is taking a look at the plastic you use daily and researching if there are reusable options instead. Luckily we have done some of the hard work for you and have rounded up 5 of our favourite plastic-free alternatives that will help you throughout the month (and beyond)! 

Farmers Market Set

This set includes every single shopping bag you’ll ever need - for July and forever! The set includes 14 long lasting and washable bags so you can use them time and time again for the weekly shop, the beach, or even storing vegetables at home. All bags are made from GOTS certified organic cotton ensuring protection for people and the environment. This set is a great first plastic free swap for our sustainable newbies!


Eco Brush Set 

Did you know that most kitchen sponges are made from plastic? Our Eco Brush Set includes 5 brushes for a number of uses- so you’ll never need to buy a plastic brush again. They are all made using bamboo for the handles and plant fibre for the bristles so they only harm dirt - not the planet. They also look oh-so-fabulous next to your kitchen sink.



Compostable Bin Liners

Swap your plastic garbage bags for our certified compostable and 100% biodegradable Bin Liners instead! You can reduce your footprint even further by collecting your vegetable scraps in our Compost Bin ready to be diverted from landfill. This tiny swap has a huge impact.



Smoothie Cup

Our Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup is beautiful enough to make you want to give up those plastic disposable cups for good. With it’s sleek design and leak proof lid with a silicone seal, it’s an essential for adults and kids when you’re out on the go. Pro-tip: it’s not just for smoothies - iced coffee lovers love this cup too!



Eco Bundle for Beginners


This bundle contains 20 (yes - TWENTY!) essential items to help you make multiple plastic-free swaps in one go. If you’re just starting out on your plastic-free journey and want to be armed with a number of products to help you take on Plastic-Free July - this is the bundle you need! It’s also the perfect starter-pack to send to a loved one!