Seed & Sprout Founder Sophie Kovic answers your top 5 questions on Tiny House Living & Natural Pools

Tiny House and off grid living is really taking off here in Australia.  Nationwide housing affordability issues and a desire to live differently is driving a movement.  I've done a few tours on socials which might help to explain the way I set it up. 

The most common questions I get asked (and our incredible Customer Care team at Seed and Sprout - love you guys!): 


Everything about the Natural Pool

Creating a natural pool was always apart of my plan. I researched this for so long and it's been an incredible journey.  I decided to shared the journey on my TikTok channel - 2M people viewed it!  Honestly, I couldn't keep up with the questions - so much interest in every aspect.  So I wrote an eBook, Your Guide to Building a Natural Swimming Pool by Sophie Kovic, to help people learn all the things I have along the way.  

Oh and people are obsessed with the snake and the Sea Monkeys

Seed & Sprout Founder Sophie Kovic's Tiny House Natural Pool


Are you self sufficient? 

Ummmm yes!!  There was so much work put into this - it includes a septic tank and solar power.  I've done heaps of tours and there's been lots of questions about what exactly defines off grid.  Mother Nature is incredible - if we harness her power, we can do incredible things!

Seed & Sprout Founder Sophie Kovic's Tiny House Off Grid Living

Where did you find the land & how does a community work?

This is one of the main questions I get asked!  Amazingly on a standard property listing on the internet!  The Farm is 2 acres of a 66 acre community farm that I purchased in 2021.   The Northern Rivers region has a strong history of community living.  The Byron hinterland is so incredibly beautiful and there's so many people working hard to reduce their environmental impact and rehabilitate nature.   Here's some more info on the how to locate and how a community works


How did you afford to build The Farm?

Spoiler alert! I'm the Founder of Seed & Sprout and I've worked so hard to build the business over the past 7 years.  When I posted this video on TikTok it was interesting that people hadn't made the connection and more humbling that so many were followers AND loyal customers.  Thank you!   I'm really proud of the work that I do with the team at Seed & Sprout to build a better planet through everyday, sustainable changes.  

Seed & Sprout Founder Sophie Kovic's Tiny House Living Byron Bay

Where are the outdoor baths from? 

Fossil Vintage in Byron Bay

I've upcycled through the Tiny House project even to the point of buying a second hand A-Frame house that's absolutely perfect!  If you want a look at the beautiful outdoor baths - check out the TikTok video here

Sophie Kovic's Tiny House Outdoor Upcycled Baths