Sustainable Travel Check List by Sophie Kovic

Sophie Kovic Sustainable Travel Check list


As an avid traveller, I adore exploring new places and cultures but I’m super mindful of the impact my travel can have on the planet.

It’s always my aim to travel with the lightest possible footprint so I’m sharing my go-to ‘Softer Footprints’ checklist. Whether you’re heading off on a picnic, a weekender or for a whole month, here’s how I endeavour to leave nothing behind but my footsteps:

  1. Insulated Water Bottles: I never leave home without my stainless steel water bottle - it’s my constant companion (other than Harry of course). I was truly shocked this week to read a Columbia University study that found there are up to 100 times more microplastics found in bottled water than first thought! So not only are plastic water bottles heading to landfill once you’ve finished with them, you’re drinking microplastics with every sip. It’ll also be a heap better for your hip pocket. With the average 500ml water bottle costing over $5 when you’re out and about - that’s more expensive than fuel per litre! 🤯
  2. Food Flasks & Smoothie Cups: You guys know how much I love my smoothies and cups of tea (obsessed). I always take my own drinkware on picnics or when I’m heading away for two reasons. Number one - I know what’s in it and number two - it’s a lot more eco(nomical) than buying something on the go. 
    Insulated Food Flask Seed and Sprout
  3. Conscious Snacking: Pack your favourite travel snacks into your fave Seed & Sprout Lunchware bundle. It reduces waste and keeps your snacks fresh. 
    Sustainable Lunchware Bundles
  4. Silicone Food Bags: Silicone food bags are a durable and reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags for storing snacks or leftovers while on the go.
    Silicone Pouches Zero Waste
  5. Grocery Bags: whether you’re shopping for fruit & veggies on your trip or things you need to keep cool in an insulated food bag, I always bring my own. Zero waste, organic and doesn’t cost you extra at the till!
    Zero Plastic Shopping Bags
  6. Travel & Toiletry bags: Choose travel accessories from brands that are made using certified organic materials where you can (like our new nifty Travel & Toiletry Bags). They’re better for the planet and for you (plastic free). 
    Tote laptop bag
  7. Vegan & Cruelty Free Beauty: When it comes to my beauty products, I don’t compromise. It has to be plastic-free, natural, vegan and come in sustainable packaging. Check out our Without range. I’ve got travelling with minimal toiletries down pat. 
  8. Plastic-Free Shampoo & Conditioner Bars: Swap traditional plastic bottles for compact vegan & award winning shampoo and conditioner bars. These bars are not only convenient for travel but also eliminate plastic waste. Double win. Pop them in our travel tins so there’s zero leaks. Seed & Sprout Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
  9. Electric Cars & Carpooling: Consider renting electric vehicles or carpooling with your mates to reduce carbon emissions. Explore jumping on public transport when you get somewhere too instead of an Uber.
  10. Offset your carbon footprint: Whenever I’m given the option to tick the “Carbon Offset” box, I do. It’s often only a fraction of the cost of the travel itself.

I hope this list is helpful! I find with a tiny bit of planning, it makes my trip even better when I travel more consciously with Softer Footprints in mind.

Safe travels and much love

Sophie x