The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Un-Baking Paper

Congratulations on ditching the traditional baking paper or greaseproof paper (or perhaps you call it parchment paper?).  Your contributing to less waste in landfill & choosing a healthier, reuseable option.  Our Un-Baking Paper is a recommended alternative to traditional baking paper - it's reusable & performs well at high temperatures.   Turns out you can save money & the planet at the same time!  

So, you're baking up a storm (all puns intended) but you're not nailing the cleaning part.  It's okay, it happens & we are here for you. 

Seed & Sprout Un-Baking Paper Cleaning Tips

We've developed a comprehensive range of eco-friendly cleaning products with the goal of Zero Waste.  From the product to the packaging - our aim is that at the end of use there is no product left, the packaging &/or product can be home composted.  Traditional cleaning products are often in plastic bottles that contribute to landfill waste.  We know there is a better way!    

Seed & Sprout Pot Scrubber & The Dish Brush

Here's our guide to cleaning & getting the most out of your Un-Baking Paper.   

Step 1: always allow Un-Baking Paper to cool to room temperature which are safe for use up to 230 degrees Celsius.  Safety first! 

Step 2: remove excess food scraps (into a Compost Bin if suitable, organic matter). 

Step 3: place into sink with some warm water.  Grab The Dish Bar & a Pot Scrubber or Dish Brush.  If the mess is only light (is it ever?) you can get away with using only a Cellulose Sponge or Compostable Sponge with Scourer & The Dish Bar

Un-Baking Paper Dish Bar Pot Scrubber & Ceramic Pot

Step 4: lather up your Pot Scrubber or Dish Brush with The Dish Bar & start to clean across the flat laid Un-Baking Paper.  You'll be surprised, a little amount of The Dish Bar (80 grams) goes a very long way & will lather into bubbles.  The Dish Bar works well in both cold water & warm - choice is yours!  Tip: to make your The Dish Bar last longer - we recommend housing in a Ceramic Everything Pot 

Dish Bar & Pot Scrubber - Un-Baking Paper Cleaning

Step 5: nothing replaces a little bit of olde fashioned elbow grease!  Get scrubbing with your Pot Scrubber or Dish Brush.  Return to sink and wash with water to help remove any remaining grease or baked on food. 

Un-Baking Paper with Pot Scrubber & Dish Brush

Step 6: once completely rinsed - wipe with a Cellulose Sponge or Compostable Sponge with Scourer to remove excess water. 

Seed & Sprout Un-Baking Paper Cleaning & Care

Step 7: dry with a tea towel - we offer a range of Hemp Tea Towels which we're really proud of.  If you want to learn more about the benefits of hemp; check out this blog "What on Earth is Hemp?"

Cleaning & Care for Un-Baking Paper Hemp Tea Towels

Step 8: once dry - we recommend rolling the Un-Baking Paper & storing in a draw.  Our mats are also dish washer safe if that's your preferred option - lay flat across top draw for best results. 

Storing Cleaned Un-Baking Paper Ideas

Seed & Sprout Un-Baking Paper Cleaning & Storing Tips

Enjoy your baking adventures!! Check out our blog for more inspired recipes. 

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