Un-Plastic Wrap - it was clearly time to go green-er!

by Laura Perry, Head of Product

Laura is a mother of two humans (and 20,000+ bees), avid gardener and sustainability queen. Laura has been with Seed & Sprout since 2019 and spearheaded the rapid growth of the business through the broadening of Seed & Sprout’s incredible product ranges. With a passion for talking about all things product (she is known for her many random and amazing fun facts) we’re thrilled to have her sharing her brain in this blog.

Have you noticed a recent change we’ve made to our Un-Plastic Wrap? We have been updating the colours that we use on some of our compostable products. Our bin liners have changed from black to green and our cling wrap has also changed from clear to green.

This is thanks to some great advice from our friends in the Resource Recovery team at Tweed Council we learned that green is easier to identify and sort in comparison to the clear film or conventional black bags.

Did you know that if it looks like a regular plastic product it is pulled out, by hand? There is just no way for workers to know, with just a quick glance, if it is safe for the earth. Which is why we have changed our black compostable bin liners to green.

We called it Un-Plastic Wrap because it is Un-Conventional and hopefully it takes a step towards preventing future damage to the planet through the use of single use conventional plastics.

Our Green Un-Plastic Wrap still works just as well as the clear and just as readily home compostable (DIN Standard approved Home Compostable). It breaks down in under 180 days and doesn’t leave behind microplastics. Each box of Un-Plastic Wrap contains 1 x 30m roll per box, with pre-perforated sheets every 30cm.

“I’ve been using the un-plastic wrap for about a month now and I love it. It’s just as clingy as traditional plastic wrap and sticks well to itself and to bowls. It’s easy to use and tear off at the perforated lines. I’m so pleased to find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, and even my husband is convinced.” - one of our happy customers, Kym.

We are all about keeping things simple and offering straight swaps from conventional plastic where we can. We hope you like this new change, it’s certain to be a conversation starter at your next BBQ!