What does an eco friendly lifestyle look like?

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is about embracing choices that benefit both the planet, our wildlife, our own health and future generations to come.

It's a conscious decision to make a positive and influential impact, and there are so many ways in which we can do this.

Adopting eco-friendly habits like reducing water consumption, conserving energy, and embracing recycling can all help. Small changes, like using reusable water bottles and bags, can make a big difference when embraced collectively.

The beauty of eco-friendly living is that it's within everyone's reach. Every small step we take adds up, creating a brighter future for generations to come.

What are we doing at Seed & Sprout to help you?

At our core, we strive to create ethical, sustainable and captivating pieces that compliment any home and lifestyle. We want to ignite conversations that begin with curiosity;

  • 'What is that?!'
  • 'How do you use that?' and
  • 'I've never thought to use something like that before!'

Our purpose goes beyond selling products; we genuinely want to inspire every one of you to give eco friendly living a go. Whether that's taking your first trip to the op shop or simply extending the life of items in your home. Follow us on Instagram for all the tips and tricks as we navigate this path with you!

There isn't just one way to approach 'eco-friendly' and we wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate every little step each one of you takes. Only together will we make a difference. 

Sustainable interior design

One of the best ways we love to decorate our home in a sustainable way is with plants! They bring joy, reduce stress, purify the air, and cultivate empathy. As we spend more time indoors, prioritise plants over plastic for a mindful interior design upgrade.



Reusable Shopping Bags

We don't just make shopping bags, we make shopping bags that you'll love (and will last you!) for a lifetime! We use FSC certified paper and certified organic cotton to make sure they're durable enough for whatever you throw at them.

Our Insulated Cooler Bags are designed with a cotton outer as well as cotton internal wadding to minimise the use of plastic while maintaining that level of practicality, style and function that you're used to with a cooler bag - just the way it should be!

 Reusable grocery shopping bags

Switch to plastic free showers & kitchen sinks

Plastic not only poses a threat to our health and the health of our planet, it also lacks aesthetic appeal. Let's embrace a world where beauty meets sustainability. 

Introducing our revolutionary zero waste Solid Bar collection to rid you and your home of pesky plastic bottles.

But where do you store them? Whether it's your Shampoo Bar or your Dish Soap Bar, we have Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Ceramic home for all of them! Shop the entire range here


Composting is sexy! Creating rich, healthy soil out of food waste that would otherwise end in landfill!? How gorgeous can nature get?

Elevate your composting goals with our Composting Kits made from Stainless Steel. Eye-catching conversation starters that will also remind you to put your scraps in the compost and not the garbage. 

Compost Bin


Plastic Free Food Storage 

Picture a waste-free cook up experience without a pile of trash afterwards.

Break up with single use plastic with some planning, clever shopping and finding the right way to store your produce.

It can all be done with our food storage solutions! Embrace the change and see how much plastic you can get rid of.

So what does an eco friendly lifestyle look like?

The beauty of this journey is that it can look however you want it to!

  • Maybe you've started composting with a shiny new Compost Bin but you're still reusing you're plastic shopping bags until they break
  • Maybe you've switched to organic skincare but you're still buying produce in plastic,
  • Maybe you've been shopping in op shops for the past year but you haven't managed to buy a reusable water bottle yet

Whatever you've done and wherever you're at, we are here for it!

Sustainability is not about sacrifice; it's about having fun, finding innovative solutions and embracing something new, and that's exactly what we're here to help you do!