Sophie Kovic: what is a Scalp Scrubber & should you use one?

Sooo we have one product that mystifies (& baffles) in equal measures.  But our customers, absolutely love it & swear by it!  Rated 4.9 stars.  If you’re yet to use a Scalp Scrubber, think of it as the ultimate head massage.   We're here to tackle all your questions about scalp scrubbing and why you should consider it. 


Silicone Scalp Scrubber

What are the benefits?

There's many benefits from massaging the scalp - our Silicon Scalp Scrubber is designed to:

  • promote blood flow to the hair follicles to aid growth,
  • improve turnover of skin cells, 
  • aid product penetration,
  • assist with removing build up (such as dry shampoo) & dandruff,
  • help remove environmental toxins, 
  • assist with reducing tension headaches by promoting circulation.


What hair type is it best suited to?

Perfect for all hair types, you can use the scalp scrubber on both wet & dry hair. 


Who should use it?

Whilst the research is limited; two studies* from 2016 & 2019 concluded that regular scalp massages promoted thicker hair & improved hair loss in men.  We think scalp massages can benefit anyone - everyone can benefit from self care & an opportunity to close down & breathe. 


What is it made from?

It's made from high quality silicone & is soft enough to gently massage & promote blood circulation, but sturdy enough to get to work & remove dry skin from your scalp & penetrate your scalp to promote hair growth.


Where do you use it?

Ours is designed to be used in the shower but can also be used on dry hair (think end of day; that scalp headache from a tight pony tail....).  And yes, it's completely waterproof.


How often should you use it? 

There are no firm guidelines on how often you should use a scalp massager.  Dermatologists suggest there's no limit to usage but do recommend not using on sensitive or broken skin.   Using as part of your hair washing routine is recommended, especially if you find the process calming and relaxing.  A little bit of self care is always recommended. 


When do you use (before or after Shampoo)? 

Safe to use on dry or wet hair - using during your washing routine can assist product penetration.  We recommend pairing with our award winning Shampoo & Conditioner Bar range. 


How do you use a Scalp Scrubber?

Step 1: apply the Scalp Scrubber to the scalp (on wet or dry hair)

Step 2: using firm pressure, not so much that it causes discomfort, start to move in circular motions.

Step 3: work your way around the scalp, paying particular attention to areas that are feel more tender - just like you would spend more time working on a muscle that was knotted in a body massage. 

If you're using during your hair washing routine; you can apply the shampoo to your hair and use the scalp scrubber to activate those lovely frothy bubbles and foam. Work the shampoo into the scalp and the hair.  For conditioning, you can do the same - working the conditioner through to the ends of the hair. 


What happens at it's end of life?
If the day ever comes when you no longer use your Scalp Scrubber please send it back to us and we'll recycle it via our Silicone Take Back Program.


We hope that answers all your questions on our Scalp Scrubber & we'd love to hear your feedback! 




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