Sophie Kovic: what is Deadstock and why we're reusing it!

Accessories Range


In the quest for sustainable products, our product team had a zero-waste lightbulb moment last year—utilising 'deadstock,' or leftover materials, to create a limited run of accessories perfect for school or work.

This ingenious idea not only showcased sheer brilliance but also aligned with our commitment to reducing environmental impact. I was 100% on board.


When it comes to materials and deadstock, here's our principles that guide us every day:

  • Our fabrics are always organic. We pay a premium for we order more as it not common but it's always worth it (BSCI certified suppliers and GOTS certified on the materials)
  • We choose to back a small collection on high volume styles
  • We NEVER want fabric to go to waste
  • We sample new products in dead fabric to reduce our impact
  • Even the hardware is approached with sustainability in mind - using up styles or testing new options.

Drawstring Bags


Our Product Team LOVE these opportunities - they can develop some lines that might not be possible. The numbers are small and they can express their creativity. 

But the best part is that small runs mean we get direct customer feedback to help guide the item lines that go into full production (sometimes in slightly different forms or colours based on what you loved).


Creative Ideas



We also offer seconds of our products - small dents or scratches doesn't mean these products should be discarded. We list our perfectly imperfect seconds stock regularly on our website. They sell out immediately! The are listed at a discounted rate to encourage a place in someone's home.

 Pencil Case


Our leftover fabric, which would have otherwise gone unused, found new life in this eco-friendly idea. By repurposing and recycling these materials, we not only minimised waste but also created something truly unique and impactful with our Laptop Sleeves, Pencil Cases and Drawstring Bags.

Crafted with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, these accessories embody durability and style. The organic cotton used in these products is not only a more  durable alternative to synthetic materials, but it's also kinder to the environment. 

Derived from the cotton plant, it's cultivated without synthetic pesticides, promoting healthier ecosystems. Its production generally has a lower carbon footprint than energy-intensive polyester manufacturing. Choosing organic cotton is a sustainable and conscious step towards reducing environmental impact.

With limited material, we've kept these accessories truly exclusive, with only minimal units available for some products.

We hope you love these accessories as much as we do and appreciate the effort that goes into making fashion more sustainable. Together, let's make conscious choices that leave a positive impact on our planet.

It's all part of our philosophy to not only do less harm, but do more good.

Thanks for your ongoing support as we develop new and exciting products!

Love Sophie x