World Environment Day 2021 - Ecosystem Restoration

Reimagine. Recreate. Restore 

Today is World Environment Day, and this year's theme is Ecosystem Restoration. From forests to mountains and oceans to cities our livelihood and survival is dependent on the health of our ecosystems. They are the web of life here on planet Earth. 

Whether it's planting trees, living a more sustainable life, reducing your reliance on single use plastics or growing your own produce at home - we can all make small changes, every day, to restore the planet.  

Healthy ecosystems have so many benefits for humankind, wildlife and nature. It’s vital that we focus on strengthening them and preventing them from degrading. While we can’t go back and change what has been done, we can take action, make choices and raise our voices to make a difference.  

Here at Seed & Sprout, we’re passionate about doing less harm, and more good. We see everyday as World Environment Day and work hard to lessen our load on the planet. We’re constantly thinking of ways we can reimagine, recreate and restore the way we do things to help strengthen our ecosystems. 


Our vision has always been to help people reimagine their life without relying on single-use plastics. To help guide our community on simple swaps to eliminate plastic from their lives - no matter where they are on their sustainability journey. This vision is at the core of everything we do, because we believe there’s no planet B.  

We’re optimistic that as a collective we can change. Change doesn’t need to be massive or complicated. We can all start today with small, manageable changes. Our eco-friendly products are designed to make plastic-free swaps seamless and are built to last and either recyclable, zero waste or home compostable. Examples of this include;

  • Our CrunchBox: this innovative design is made entirely from stainless steel so you’ll have it forever. It can be used year after year, and even passed down from sibling to sibling - and if it does reach an end of life - it is recyclable!
  • Our Farmers Market Set: made from GOTS certified organic cotton ensuring the protection of both people and the planet. This set is long-lasting and washable - so you can use them time and time again without reaching for plastic bags. 
  • Our Compostable Sponge Set: instead of traditional plastic sponges that sit in landfill for years, our plastic-free compostable sponges are made from natural loofah and plant fibre cellulose - making them home or industrial compostable.  

We’re not perfect (no one is!), but we are 100% dedicated to finding ways that we can do less harm, and more good. We’re committed to a better future and to finding alternatives to single-use plastics that help people lessen their impact on our beautiful planet.  

We will continue to share with you, our community, helpful tips and ideas to empower you to make sustainable choices in your own life. Our hope is to inspire you to reimagine a better future and encourage you to make small changes, every day in the right direction. 


We’re lucky to have passionate advocates for a better world here at Seed & Sprout! Our team is made up of those starting out on their eco journey right through to eco-warriors living almost completely waste free. We’ve developed our Sustainability Committee to discuss, share and brainstorm ways we can recreate how to be more environmentally sustainable, both at home and HQ.

Did you know we are 100% emissions free at HQ? Thanks to our rooftop solar panels we create three (THREE!!) times as much energy as we use. But we didn’t want to stop there! We’re located in an industrial estate and don’t have access to a Green Organics Bin, so we decided to create our own office composting system. This idea has grown into a full recreation of our garden at HQ which is now thriving with vegetables, trees and flowers - as well as two composts and a bee hive! 

 We are thrilled to align with local businesses like Subpod and Flow Hive who both value the environment as much as we do. We now divert all of our food waste and compostable products like kitchen sponges right back into mother nature to grow our fruit, vegetables and flowers! A win for us, the worms, the soil, and the planet. 


We are big believers that every single person can make a difference. From switching to reusables and encouraging our friends to make earth-friendly choices - to changing our diets and making our own cleaning products; all of these actions lessen the load on our planet. 

As a business, we feel we have a responsibility to step up and lead the way in restoring Planet Earth

To help restore the planet we’ve teamed up with some international and local organisations including:  

    • International Animal Rescue Indonesia - We proudly donate 10% of profits to International Animal Rescue, a charity dedicated to protecting primates and their habitats with a holistic approach to create a harmonious ecosystem between the environment, animals and humans. 
    • Orangutan Alliance - We donated $50,000 to the Orangutan Alliance which is an independent registered charity that supports reforestation and orangutan rescues among other meaningful projects that counteract the devastation caused by deforestation. 
    • Earth Day Network & World Wildlife Fund - In 2020, we were able to plant 59,928 trees through Earth Day Network as well as over 20,000 trees through the WWF tree planting initiative across Australia 

If you’re wondering how you can get involved this World Environment Day be sure to checkout the UN’s Ecosystem Restoration Playbook here or try doing one of the five things below:

  1. Recycle & reuse as much as you can 
  2. Grow some of your own produce 
  3. Opt for reusables over single-use plastic 
  4. Start composting or a worm garden at home
  5. Participate in a local beach or park clean up


Remember, it’s better to take small actions than no action at all. We’re all in this together!