Made + Mycelium

Giving Mycelium its Moment 

Guess what?! We've collaborated with Swinburne University of Technology to open a revolutionary pop-up store kitted out with structures solely made from fungi. 

Mycelium, the non-fruiting body of a mushroom, is rapidly gaining popularity as an eco-friendly material as it’s infinitely renewable and can be regrown and recycled time and time again. With many industries in search of more sustainable solutions, mycelium provides a world of endless possibilities. 

Alongside our Swinburne team, we've put their own spin on it, creating pieces grown from mycelium to display our eco-friendly range in our very own pop-up store located in popular Byron Bay retail hub, Habitat.  

Our goal was to create an interesting, yet functional alternative to traditional materials often used in retail stores, with everything from seating and lighting to shelving and in-store display units being made from the fungi material. 

Our amazing CEO, Sally Tullett, says the aim of the project is to deliver something beyond a typical retail space, that supports our philosophy of reusing, recycling and repurposing where possible. We want people to be inspired, to think outside the box, share ideas and ultimately, leave feeling like there is hope for a better future.

The interest in using mycelium for the pop-up space sprouted from our formidable Head of Product, Laura Perry. After learning more about the material, Laura began searching for Australians experimenting with it in innovative ways. Her search led her to Swinburne’s Lecturer of Architectural Design Canhui Chen and the Mushi project he worked on together with Swinburne, studio edwards and Arup. Made of mycelium and organic matter, Mushi is a world-first organic solution to creating clean and healthy waterways. After a few meetings, and a face to face catch up between lockdowns, the Made + Mycelium collaboration was born. 

Laura says working with Swinburne has allowed the brand to push boundaries and create new solutions for customers. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Canhui Chen said that the Made + Mycelium project has been a challenging and rewarding experience.


Our Seed & Sprout pop-up store will stock a range of the brand's eco-products including popular reusable bags, bars, pantry jars, lunchboxes and more.