5 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Your Waste

We’re always looking for ways we can reduce our impact on the planet. It's a journey, and we're constantly learning and experimenting. If you’re joining us for Zero Waste Week here are some simple and easy things you can do to reduce your waste. 

1. Remember your reusable bags

It may seem simple, but having reusable bags on hand at all times will make sure you’re never stuck with plastic bags being your only option. We like to keep Our Farmers Market Set in the car and by the door so we’re never without. 


2. Use your food scraps

We could write an entire blog post on this one - the ways you can use up your food scraps are endless. Next time you go to throw out your food scraps think about some alternative ways they can be used. You can add vegetable scraps to your freezer to make stock or add them to your compost, fruit skins can be used in DIY cleaning products, and some food scraps can even be added to water and regrown on your window sill. Get creative! 


3. Switch from bottles to bars 

Plastic bottles make up a lot of household waste. Did you know that one-third of the landfill is made up of personal care waste? It’s staggering! One way you can reduce your personal care waste is by looking at the plastic bottles in your bathroom, and where you can swap to a bar instead. So many of our customers have made the switch already and are helping us Raise the Bar, having reduced more than 290,000 plastic bottles from entering landfills (and counting!).  



4. Make it yourself 

This year, many of us have had more time on our hands, and if you're like us you've been spending more time in the kitchen. There are so many things you can make instead of buying from baking bread and making milk and yoghurt to growing your own vegetables and making your own crackers. We understand that making everything yourself from scratch can seem daunting, so baby steps are the way to go with this one.  


5. Repair and reuse 

Next time you go to throw out an old, broken, or damaged good ask yourself if it could be upcycled or repaired somehow. This not only saves it from landfill, but it's also a great way to get creative and use your resources. We're all guilty of throwing things away before giving them a second life. This doesn't always mean you have to use it, maybe a friend or neighbour could benefit from it!