Sophie Kovic: Which Lunch Box Set Is Right For Me?


We get asked by our customers all the time "Which Lunch Box set is the right one for me"? Our legendary product team have created these awesome handy visual guides to share with you to make it easy!

Think of it almost like building your ultimate poke bowl or pizza ūüėú. Everyone's got a different preference...


STEP 1: Choose your Lunchbox base:

Our lunchboxes are all:

  • Leakproof (if you use our containers)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • made from 304 stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • LGFB Certified
  • FDA Certified


STEP 2: Choose your container/s

Lunch Range Comparison

Our containers are all:

  • Leakproof (if you use our containers)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 304 stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • LGFB Certified
  • FDA Certified


STEP 3: Choose your Lunch Bag or Case


Lunch Range Cases

Our Lunch Bags are all:

  • Organic Fabric
  • Cotton Wadding
  • Recyclable Lining
  • Recycled Zip
  • Machine Washable
  • BPA Free


If you're looking for a pre-built Lunch Bundle for an easy shortcut, we've created a bunch of best selling combinations that include cases & containers. We created these popular bundles to make it simpler for you and give you some added value (these can save you up to 50%!).

Here's some info on the Top 4 sellers:

#1: The LunchBox Bundle (with 2 or 3 containers/pots)

  • Choice of six case colours
  • Choice of 4 Pot Colours
  • Includes 2 or 3 pots
  • 4 compartments
  • Original "OG" style


#2: The Bento Lunch Box Set

  1. Choice of six case colours
  2. Leakproof Silicone Inserts
  3. 2 compartments
  4. New compact style



#3: Sustainable Lunch Set (ALL NEW!)

  1. Choice of two case colours
  2. Leakproof Containers 
  3. Includes Lunch Box
  4. Includes Re-usable Cutlery Set



#4: Adult Lunchbox Bundle (Limited Edition)

  1. Perfect for packing hot/cold food/drinks
  2. Choice of two case colours
  3. Leakproof Containers 
  4. Includes Food Flask
  5. Includes Re-usable Cutlery Set





      What's the same across our Lunchware:

      • All our Lunchware is¬†rated 5 stars (wooo hooo!) by our customers.¬† We've over 5,000 reviews & counting - check them out here
      • Cases are available in a variety of colours¬†(these can sell out though so get in fast to make sure you get the colour you're after)
      • All Lunch Sets can¬†be paired with of¬†67 different LunchWare accessories¬†like¬†The SnackPot, Silicone Muffin Cups, Collapsible LunchBox & Silicone Food Pouches


      Our product team are constantly evolving and improving our products and they'd love to hear your feedback! Whether you're using our products at work or for the kids, we're 100% committed to durable, practical and sustainable products that work for you. 

      Love Sophie xx